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History of Guitars!

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When we think about musical instruments, guitars are one of the most loved and sought after to master. Many musicians, young and old, love the sound, tone, and feel of a guitar between their hands. Anything from classical to hard rock sounds magnificent on this one of a kind stringed instrument. However, there is a lot we may be unaware of about the guitar. So, for today's post, we are going to a take history lesson into the world of guitars.

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History of the Guitar

While guitar might be the cool, hip, and modern instrument it is today, it was not always this way. The guitar can be dated back all the way to ancient times. The first guitar-like instrument dates back almost 4,000 years ago. The instrument is said to originate in Egypt and was inherited by a singer named Har-Mose. The instrument was constructed of cedar and had a total of three strings present. It was said to attach to a slightly flexible material that would suffice as the neck we know today.

Flash forward a few centuries and we see an instrument bear the name “guitar” in the 13th century. The word guitar is derived from the Latin word cithara, which stands for a Greek or Roman stringed musical instrument. It wasn’t until about the 16th century that the instrument would start to resemble what we see today. In the 16th century, a stringed instrument came about that had four double courses of strings, a similar hourglass shape with a hole cut out in the middle, with a rounded back instead of the flat back we see currently, and strings adhered to the neck. There also were friction tuning pegs, a decorative design which was usually a rose, and a bridge at the bottom of the guitar. These guitars were popular and played all over Italy, France, and England. The acoustic guitar was said to be tuned for chords c, f, a, and d. The guitar would go through many changes throughout history from this point forward.

By the 1800’s, the classical guitar would start to take shape. This guitar was created when Antonio Torres, a Spanish man, decided that the body of the guitar needed to be larger and better fit its proportions. This design change would increase so many features of the musical instrument. The sound would travel better and be much louder, which people enjoyed. Once these changes were implemented, this was how all guitars were being constructed and adapted.

By the 1900’s, steel strings would start to be introduced to the acoustic guitar. This caused the guitars to be even more boisterous in sound but caused for the fan braced top to be redesigned to the X-brace top. Orville Gibson would created a design that mirrors the body of a cello but removed the force coming from the top, so that the strings could vibrate more easily. In the 1900’s, the electric guitar would also be designed, and these guitars would be played by some of the greatest musicians of all time.

Here is the brief history of the guitar and we hope this gives you a better understanding of how the acoustic and electric guitar came to be. At Tunes Musics, we offer some of the best guitars and equipment so you can become the next Hendrix, or at least shred like him, Tune in next time for our blog about some of greatest guitar players of all time. Shop our amazing selection of the best online guitars today! 

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